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Need help sharing files with us? Do you have a video, picture or presentation to give to us? Please read this page for instructions and reach out to us with any further questions.

This help page is for presenters, guests, attendees and others that are sending files to us. These files may be videos to play at the convention, pictures to be printed in the program book and others. This is not the help page for those that need assistance viewing our conference live. The conference live links will be posted on our website and facebook pages at the appropriate time.

Thank you

How do I get a Google Account?

You will need a google account to share files with us. If you use a different email address for your google account, please let us know what it is.

If you need a new account, we have provided instructions here. You can use your existing email address for your Google account. Click on the folloing link to learn how

View Instructions how to sign up for a Google account from your PC

How can I record my video?

If you are a family, recording a short greeting for the FACC, feel free to use your phone. Please record horizontally for the best results.

If you are recording a special number or a longer video for a sermon message or devotional (as examples) then please consider using video and sound equipment. We recommend recording at your church, using the same equipment that is used for the weekly streaming of your church’s worship service.

If you church doesn’t have a setup, purhaps a nearby church or school might be able thelp out?

If you are not sure, please try recording a sample video and share that with us right away. We can give you feedback.

Thank you for helpping us put together the best quality convention that we can.

How to upload a short video greeting or file.

For our families and churches sharing greetings as videos and other files, please use our upload form here:

2021 FACC upload form

If you recieved an email request from us, please reply to that email after upload so that we can look for your file.

If you do not have an email invitation, please email us at facc@facc2021.com as soon as you have uploaded any files.

How should Ministers and Speakers upload their files?

If you are a minister or speaker for the 2021 FACC, you should have recieved an email from us with a share folder link. Please use this link to upload your files.

Please reply to that email or email us at speakers@FACC2021.com to let us know that you have uploaded your files or if you have any questions and need assistance

How to share an existing google file?

If you have files that are already in your google account. For example a google slide presentation. Please move that file to the shared folder we sent to you or make a copy there.

Please find the instructions below:
How to add an exisitng file in google drive – from your phone or mobile device

Please reply to the email we sent to you or email us at speakers@FACC2021.com to let us know that you have added your file(s) or if you have any questions and need assistance

Help, My Question is not Answered Here!

We are a small volunteer group and will try to answer as many questions as can. We may not know your question yet and you may be the first one to ask. Please let us know what the question is and we will do our best to answer and assist you.

If your question is related to phones, cameras, google drive, etc, the answer may exist on the internet and be a short google search away.

If you still cannot find the answer, please scroll down and use one of the contact methods at the bottom of this page.

Thank you

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