Christian Convention




07/15-18/2021  Chicago








Welcome to FACC 2021

Welcome friends, We are excited to bring the Filipino and American Christian Convention (FACC) back to the Midwest! We are excited to see what God can do with us and through us. We are hopeful that you will decide to be a part of this convention, that you will pray for us, attend the convention and that you may decide to participate in partnership and volunteering of your time and talents. Regardless of your commitment level, we are happy to see you here. As we work out the details of this event, we will be sharing more with you!

God Bless,
The FACC 2021 Team



We invite you to join us in the Midwest for an unique experience of fellowship, worship and study. We are inviting to be a part of this event now as we are planning and preparing. We invite you to join us in 2021 and we invite you to support our mission. Would you join us and be a part of FACC 2021?