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This year we continue the tradition of the Filipino and American Christian Convention souvenir Program book. 

Books will be shipped out when they are available. You may Preorder your copy today.

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Please contact us for bulk orders. If you are planning to attend in person you may buy on site. If you end up having to change your plans, you may purchase a book after the conclusion of the convention and until all books are sold out.

Dear Brethren,

Greetings! May this letter arrive in your hands as you are enjoying the bountiful blessings of our Lord Jesus Christ!

The 20th Filipino and American Christian Convention (FACC 2021) shall be held on July 15-18, 2021 in Chicagoland and you are invited to attend and partner with us!

We are excited to host this biennial event to deepen our knowledge and understanding about our Savior’s love, commune with other brothers and sisters from all over the country AND continue to plant seeds of Christian Faith for many generations to come.

Would you partner with us in prayer, voluntary service and financially to support this 2021 FACC? Let us know how you would like to be involved.

Attached is an Advertisement Contract and Donation Form. Please consider purchasing an ad or donating a financial contribution to help fund this convention. Kindly fill it out and send back to the provided address. We look forward to compile well wishes and advertisements into a Souvenir Program Book that will be printed and then distributed to attendees. Also, please visit our website at FACC2021.com and join us on facebook.com/gotoFACC so you are kept abreast of the convention activity planning and logistics.

Please plan on joining us in Chicagoland in person or online, during the 2021 FACC. We would be so honored with your presence to corporately worship, praise and serve Jesus during this 3-night convention including keynote speakers, praise and worship, lectures and many other activities that are being planned. Please follow the web site and FaceBook pages for announcements about when and how to register to attend.

Thank you for your anticipated participation and support. May God bless you.

In Christian Love,
Lynnette Torres, President
Drew Powell, Secretary

Welcome Letter

Please download and share this letter with family, friends, neighbors and colleagues. Purchase of program ads and greetings. Help support the production of the program book and the convention.

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Advertising Contract

Please use this form to sign up and secure your space in this year’s program book. Please also share this form with welcome letter when you share and spread the word about our program book and this year’s convention.

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From our Family to the 2021 FACC

Greetings from our family to yours! We are excited to be a part of this historic Filipino and American Christian Convention!

We are excited to see you in person or online!

God Bless!

Be In The Book

Program Ads

Full Page, Half Page, Quarter Page, Business Card, Patron Line

The Souvenir Program Book is a tradition of the FACC and many members collect the books from their previous convention experiences as a reminder of their participation in this event. The books are informative about details of the convention and contain speaker information, programming and greetings from fellow attendees as well as dignitaries and others that have been invited to share a message with you.

Buy a full page ad for the best value! What can you do with a full page ad? Share a big picture, I mean a BIG one, include your spouse, the kids, the grand kids and the family pet! Or, better yet, have them get their own ads. If you purchase $100 or more in program book ads, you will get a book for FREE, just pick up in person or pay shipping.

Greetings TO ALL!

Dear Brethren,


The 20th Filipino and American Christian Convention would like a 20sec video greeting from you and your church to be played during our 3-day convention on July 15-18, 2021. This is free of charge. We want everyone to participate.

Also, we would like to showcase different talents/ministries of your church. We are requesting this video be limited to four minutes in length. Please contact us if your video needs to be longer than this as we want to have time for everyone to be included. This too is free of charge.

We look forward to seeing as much participation of different churches/Christian entities during this 2021 FACC. Kindly send your greetings and/or talent recording using the form linked in this document.
on or before May 15, 2021.

Praise and all glory to our Savior Jesus Christ!

If you have any questions please feel free to email us at FACC@FACC2021.com

In Christian Love,

Lynnette Torres, President, FACC 2021

Free Video Greetings!

Please download and share this letter with family, friends, neighbors and colleagues. Your video will play during the 2021 FACC. (subject to review and approval) 

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PreOrder Now!

Books will be shipped out when they are available, the same week as the convention.

See you at the 2021 FACC.

All materials submitted are subject to review and are not guaranteed to be included. By sending materials to us you are giving us permission to print and display the content how we see fit including but not limited to in the program book, in our live stream and other media